Changing the View

Brandon Brooks

We have been working on home renovations for a while now. As part of the renovations, I am having some of my windows replaced. Part of my planning for windows has my garden in mind.

When I am inside my house, one of my favorite things to do is sit next to the window and enjoy the view. Because of this, I have our living room window extended at the bottom so it is only a few inches off the floor. That way I can see out back into the garden area while I recline in my chair, enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I also took advantage of the renovation to enlarge a window at the front of the house so I can see into the garden in the front. I never thought I would be doing renovations for the sake of better enjoying my garden, but that is exactly what I am doing!

I have read many books that talk about how light indoors adds comfort to our home. It is suggested to add windows on two walls in each room so that glare is reduced and people can see more details within the room, such as facial expressions.

My home was built years ago, with no windows in the north walls, making it pretty dark on that side. I decided to add a couple of tall windows in the north to help with this. Not only does it allow more light into my home, but it gives me a great view of one of my flower gardens. A couple months ago, I planted a bunch of bulbs on that side of the house, so I am anticipating them coming up soon, adding color to that side of the house.

Of course, everything around here is a mess right now with the renovations. But, hey, we gardeners are used to seeing past what is there now into what we hope for the future. We do it all the time in our gardens.